About Me

About Me

From a young age, I have always had a passion for dance and movement. You could say I began this journey as a 3-year-old in my church hall ballet classes. My childhood was filled with classes consisting of ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, gymnastics and par de deux. With a non-stop drive to keep dancing, it was a no brainer. I then went to college and university and finished my studies in dance. At university I developed my knowledge of Pilates and acquired a greater depth into how the body moves. Following the birth of my daughter, I realised the intensity and fascination of how strong a woman’s body can feel and this launched me into a deeper dive into learning about the way the human body works.

After my daughter turned three, I became a personal trainer, and I had the privilege to work alongside some of the top physio and massage therapists in the city of London. In my years at the gym, I realised I enjoyed helping people become pain free. As a dancer, teaching people to move correctly was like teaching a dance class, especially getting people more in touch with the flow of movement, within their own bodies. Personally, being able to move freely has always been important to me and dancing is always ingrained in me. As a result, I went on to study corrective exercise and become a fully qualified rehabilitation specialist with the national academy of sports medicine.

A few years ago, I had an injury which meant I had to re-evaluate my work life. It meant leaving my regular workplace of 3 years and triggering anxiety. As a mother of two with a passion for dance, I knew I needed to improve my physical and mental state. As a rehabilitation specialist, I began working on my strength, using movement as therapy to facilitate the healing process. I designed a programme to help new mums get back into exercise safely and help them to strengthen their physical and mental well-being. This became the catalyst for creating Powerhouse. A home for everyone to improve their physical and mental wellbeing through movement and support.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Dance, University of West London
  • Level 4 Corrective Exercise Specialist, National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Dynamic reformer Pilates, Ten health and fitness
  • Essential Pilates mat work, JO pilates

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