Food and how it affects our fitness journey

Having an understanding of food can help better the way we think about our eating habits

Author: Jade Anderson   |   Date: 29th October 2021

Food that we eat gives us energy to sustain the activities we do throughout the day. The food gives us energy by providing energy to the cells. 

The food we eat affects us in different ways. Nutrient rich food will help boost and maintain our energy levels; as opposed to eating Junk food or fried fast foods that can give you short spikes of energy and have the opposite effect, zapping our energy.

Food has an affect on the production and secretion of hormones by direct actions of the gut. Processed foods are high on preservatives, sodium and sugar, making this combination a risk to inflammation and stress on the adrenal gland. This puts you at a risk of weight gain and hormonal imbalance.

Understanding weight

Your weight is a balancing act. Along with thinking about the nutritious food we eat we must think about how much food we take in on a daily basis. A simple equation of calories in and calories out. If you eat more than you burn. You will gain weight and if you burn more calories than you eat (through physical activity), you will lose weight. 

Your metabolism influences your body’s basic needs but how much you eat and drink paired with your physical activity will ultimately determine your weight. Even when you are not exercising your body needs energy for hidden functions, such as breathing, hormone levels, growing and repairing cells and circulating blood. This is known as your basal metabolic rate, also known as your metabolism. Your genetic makeup, Sleep, stress levels, diet composition, along with physical activity is the complicated process that determines your weight. By balancing our diet for a better diet and creating an energy deficit by eating fewer calories or increasing the calories you burn by physical exercise we can make a start into the journey for a healthier weight and overall better health.

My story

In 2019, I lost nearly 15kg. It was the lightest I had ever been in my life and it came with a lot of complications. Bad skin and a lack of self confidence in myself had triggered anxiety. I struggled to eat most days, as most things tasted like cardboard. I had just had my second son and some days I was so tired from the routine of mum that I went some days without eating. This was a point in my life where I knew I was super unhappy. I did not want to take pictures and was too ashamed to see my friends, as my clothes were falling off of me. Up until this point I had always been a lover of food and I knew subconsciously I was really upset that I had lost that love for food. I knew I needed to make a change and find some balance in my life. So I started to find some inspiration in food. Exploring different foods, tastes and textures. It took a while but with persistence I am where I am most happy and balanced again.

Why is food and weight important for self esteem and confidence?

Ever heard you are what you eat? I know from personal experience that weight plays a big role in how we feel. It affects our moods, our motivation and our weight which in turn affects the way we see ourselves. This is definitely not a blog about how to be a size 8. I truly believe not everyone is happy being “skinny”. We all have our personal preferences and we should LISTEN to our bodies. Are you happy? Do you feel confident? Is your weight playing with your self esteem?

What is cleaning eating

Clean eating, in my personal opinion, is choosing a more balanced diet of fruit and vegetables (Things that grow from the earth), cooking at home more and ditching the fast food takeaways. This does not mean that you can not have a treat or eat out. There are a lot of great cafes, restaurants and food stalls that sell great healthy food. I tend to eat out alot for inspiration at home and so I do not get bored of the same meals. 

Diet or FAD diet?

I find diet to be such a terrible label nowadays. Generally when you say “diet”, the majority of the population begin to think about cutting out carbohydrates and the next latest trend that will make you as skinny as a twig. My approach to diet is balanced and to listen to your body. Look at your diet in the last two weeks, if you were to write all the junk, processed foods on one side and the healthy naturally grown food on the other. Which side would be heavier? How has your mood been? Are you motivated most days? Do you feel energised or lethargic? 

How does food affect the way we train?

The muscles you engage during exercise, whether it’s cardio, resistance training or flexibility work, rely on the nutrition you provide them through your diet. Supplying your body with nutrients before you work out, after you work out and in the recovery period between workouts can impact the quality of your session and affect your fitness goals.

Remember the food you eat will affect your energy, affect your weight, mood and your motivation.

“Your first meal of the day is an important one”

This, I believe is important on a mental level, as starting the day on a healthy breakfast can set you up for what you eat and achieve throughout the rest of the day. This in turn will set your blood sugar levels for the day. If you start the day on something processed and sugary such as muffins, croissants and cereal, You are likely to have a short spike of energy, leaving you feeling lethargic, lightheaded and be in search of more energy (Food) not long after breakfast. 

Choosing the right kind of breakfast is crucial. Not relying on simple carbohydrates like plain bagels and muffins and instead reaching for wholesome foods like avocados and fruit.

When it comes to what to eat within your everyday diet, it is all about balance and listening for your body but depending on your goals, whether you would like to lose weight, Maintain your weight or gain weight, you need to work out your daily calorie intake. This is a simple equation that works out. By Signing up to our newsletters you will receive a free E-guide. Within the E-guide you can work out your calorie intake for the day using our specific calorie equation and use these healthy breakfast recipes, designed by our good friend at @pichi_cafe in Ladbroke Grove to kick start your healthy eating journey.


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