Personal Training

This involves a full body assessment, movement assessment and SMART goal setting. You will receive personalised workout plans to improve your strengths, weaknesses, and aesthetics. We will monitor your progress on a regular basis and optimise your training. We operate as a level 4 personal trainer and client safety is at the forefront of our service offering, to minimise the risk of injury to our clients during exercising.

Our services include Indoor 1-2-1 training. Posture and movement assessment, body alignment, 5-6 weekly reviews. We specialise in Pilates matwork, and reformer. Outdoor HIIT training and park runs are also available. We can also provide a home visit service as well as online 1-2-1 private sessions through zoom.

Typically, personal training goals can include posture correction, weight loss, muscle gain and mental well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many days a week will I need to workout to achieve my goals?

This will depend entirely on your daily routine, flexibility, current health, and your goals. Reaching specific goals may take longer if you are training 2-3 days a week, rather than training 4-5 days a week, where you may see quicker results.

What specific type of training will I need to meet my goals?

The type of training you need is determined by the goals you would like to achieve e.g., if you wanted to build muscle mass, we would recommend a programme including the use of weights as opposed to cardiovascular training.

Will I need to diet if I have a personal trainer?

Diet plays a huge role in your training routine. If your goal is weight loss or muscle gain, diet will play a crucial part of your new training regime and is central to our discussions and goal setting.

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